Welcome to The Stable Café

Welcome to our cozy café in a lovely manor environment!

We serve traditional Swedish Fika!

In the stable at Österbybruk mansion

Welcome inside!


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More than just a Café!
stallcafeet i österbybruk
Minfullness in nature!
Try an Amok at our place!
Amokequipment adventurenorth sweden
At our place its always close to take a break!
upplandsleden stallcafeet

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Welcome to a cozy café in a iron village environment just beside Österbybruk mansion.

Find us!


Address: Herrgårdsvägen 5, Österbybruk

Email:      Info@stallcafeet.se

Phone:     +4672-322 67 00

Opening hours!

Monday    -  Friday:

    Bookings  Only!

Saturday  - Sunday: 11-17

PubEvening Wednesdays:17-22

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